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Political Science Essay Example

Political Science Essay Example

Economic Platform for Presidential hopefuls in 2008
The economic package proposals of two presidential candidates Hillary Rodham Clinton and Willard Mitt Romney are worth evaluating. First of all it must be mentioned that they have rather uncommon political views (for example the questions of embryonic stem cells, energy and oil, homeland security, immigration, Iraq war, universal health and others) and moreover they belong to different parties. At this turning point Hillary Clinton is the leading candidate in the United States presidential election in the year 2008 from the Democratic Party, while Mitt Romney is a representative of the Republic Party and one of the potential candidates.
Gene Sperling, Hillary Clinton’s economic adviser supposes that Clinton’s economic plan is rather successful especially at the moment when some candidates are out of presidential race. Hillary Clinton called upon to the US Congress to accept an urgent plan of economy stimulation for preventing of possible recession in the year of presidential election. The plan was developed by the experts of Clinton’s pre-election staff. The expenses on realization of this project can make up 70 milliards of dollars and in a perspective reach a sum of 110 milliards of dollars.

So, this is an immediate help for thousands of families, suffering as a result of crisis at the market of the mortgage lending, a great sum of money which must be divided among 37 million of scanty means Americans in the form of subsidies on energy vectors and unemployment doles and of course large part of this money should go on tax compensative payments for Americans with middle and small profits. Speaking about Mitt Romney it must be said that his economic plan tries to concern all the Americans, especially taxpayers, individuals, homeowners and business.

So, to be more concrete, Romney’s economic package proposal concerning individuals stipulates for cutting the lowest tax rate to 7,5%, excluding of taxes on workers over the age of 65 (as these old people have already earned their pensions and social insurance), making the middle class taxes free. In the sphere of business Mitt Romney offers the encouragement of business investment (It means cutting of taxes for businesses), reducing of corporate tax to 20 per cents during the period of 2 years in order to encourage the capital flow in the country. For homeowners Romney suggests the reform of Federal Housing Administration.

To sum these two economic programs it must be mentioned that completely all candidates independently from their advisers and helpers make a lot of mistakes in their economic plans and only practice can obviously depict whether they are able to fuctionate and be successful.

No doubt Hillary Clinton is thinking globally, as she is progressive experienced politician, while Mitt Romney is considered to be a new face on a political horizon.

But in general we see that Hillary operates with huge sums of money, making visual, how the finances should work and where they should be spent, while Romney’s plan just gives only a perspective, shows a simple envelope without its contents. In such a way the results of Hillary Clinton’s economic package proposals will be more positive and affective, as they are based on a logical, qualified, financially counted background.

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