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Essay on Southwest Airlines

Essay on Southwest Airlines

Why Southwest Airlines?
Choosing the company to work at is the very important task. When faced it, I was thinking about the wide range of possibilities that I have, and about how difficult it is to make the right choice. But on practice, it appeared to be easier. I was always dreaming of my future occupation as of the job, to which I can totally devote myself and use by best working skills and personal qualities for the benefit of the company. I was looking for the same benefits for me and my family, the company that will care.

Southwest Airlines is that very company I was looking for. Their mission is to provide the best quality of Customer Service, and it coincides with my vision of what it should look like. They have warm and friendly company spirit. Employees of the company are treated exactly the way they want to be and the same feedback is expected. Innovations and creativity are welcomed and expected for improving effectiveness of the company.
Southwest Airlines provide services for people, and it is not just business for the sake of business. Their primary goal is making people happy about using their services, and for me such idea is what I expect from my future work. Customer satisfaction as the key business principle finally is the key to success.

Along with the spirit and the ideas of the company management, Southwest Airlines propose the wide range of benefits for their employees that are very attractive for new comers. Company proposes travel privileges, including flying free for employees, starting from the first day of their work, as well as travel privileges for the whole their families. Employees are able to participate in profit sharing and in stock purchase plan, paying just 90% of the stock market value and the company will also pay all broker commissions.

Southwest Airlines propose the choice of several types of medical insurance depending on the person’s lifestyle, including PPO and HMO programs, at no cost, and minimal cost for the same medical plan options of their family. Basic dental coverage is also free for employees, additional services and the same services for family are available for minimal cost. The company also takes care of employees’ vision, by providing affordable vision care, which includes complete eye examinations and lenses and frames or contact lenses. Southwest Airlines also provide life insurance at no cost with coverage based upon annual salary.

Paid sick leaves, vacations and holidays are also available. Other benefits include: Dependant Care Spending Account, Long-Term Disability Insurance, Adoption Assistant Reimbursement Benefit, Child and Elder Care Resource and Referral Program, etc. So, Southwest Airlines take care of their employees and their successful, healthy and happy life.

In the conclusion I would like to mention, that it is very important for each person to feel comfortable at his job, to feel that he or she is valued and correspondently do his or her best at the job for the prosperity and well-being of the company and of himself.

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