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Biopsychosocial Model Essay

Biopsychosocial Model Essay

The development of a human being is an extremely complicated process. At the same time, the development of psychology, biology and sociology contributed consistently to the understanding of the process of human development. In such a situation, it is extremely important to provide an individual with ample opportunities to develop physically, psychologically and socially. In other words, at each stage of the development, a person should reach the definite level of the bio-psycho-social development and the better we know all the stages of individual’s development the more can we assist to the formation of well-developed personality. In this respect, children are particularly susceptible to external influences of their social environments because childhood is the formation period of the personality.

Basically, it is possible to notice significant changes and characteristics, while observing an individual. At this respect, I would like to analyze the bio-psycho-social development of my cousin who is just eight years old. At the moment he attends school, though he is not really experienced in this regard. On analyzing his physiological development, it should be said that basically all organs and systems are formed in accordance with his age.
His behavior may be characterized by high motor activities, since it is still quite difficult for him to keep focus on one and the same activity for a considerable period of time. At the same time, his body keeps growing and he needs a lot of physical activity and at the moment his body is formed and basic living systems function normally.

As for the psychological development of my cousin, I should say that he has already entered the concrete operational stage of the development, which is characterized by the development of logical thinking. His thinking is concrete and he may have problems with logical evaluation of some abstract notions, such as friendship, love, etc. What is meant here is the fact that he can think logically about concrete events and he makes logical conclusions. For instance, he could presuppose that it would be raining if the sky is grey, but he can hardly logically evaluate events on the level of implicate. In fact, denotative thinking still prevails in his mind.

At the same time, he does not need to correlate his motor activity and the acquisition of knowledge about his environment, i.e. learning process, since at the moment he is able to learn the surrounding world by means of logical evaluation, though, it is necessary to remind that his logic is still underdeveloped and cannot overcome denotative barrier.

At this stage of the development, the process of socialization of my cousin accelerates. Basically, this is the result of the new social experience which he acquires while attending a school. It is necessary to underline that parents still play a very important role in his life and they remain the main authorities for him. I should say that he really admires his father and he is always talking how much he wishes to be like his father when he grows up. However, teachers at school become more and more significant for him that indicates to the fact that adults still remain the highest authority for him, though his communication with his peers increase their social significance for him too.

Thus, it is possible to conclude that my cousin has reached the concrete operational stage of the development. At this stage, he can act and think logically about concrete events. In his social environment, parents and adults are still dominant authorities for him.

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