Thursday, March 15, 2012

Essay on Graphic Design

Essay on Graphic Design

Strong desire to become a graphic designer was nurtured by me for many years. I was raised in Seoul, South Korea where I have studied physics in university. However, I felt that physics was not the right choice. While being in army, I have made a well-reasoned decision to change my major – I realized that graphic design was what I really wanted do. My decision was not based on popularity of this major. On the contrary, at that time, the most frequently sought majors were business, science, and engineering. Graphic design has gained my attention because I was interested in influence of language on design. This interest motivates me to think more about the role of visual language. Language is used to convey ideas and send a message. Graphic design is a message as well. I am greatly influenced by the works of successful designers. I spend a lot of time researching and analyzing impressive designs. I have traveled a lot and I am grateful for having an opportunity to learn more about different languages and cultures.
Being an active person by nature, I decided not to dream about become a graphic designer but to act. I came to New York and applied to professional art school. I was not waiting for someone to invite me; I was actively looking for opportunities which could advance my knowledge in graphic design. Year 2002 became the starting point of my education in graphic design. By the year 2007 I have BFA in graphic design with honor and I do not plan to stop.

I understood that education was giving valuable knowledge on graphic design; however, this knowledge was purely theoretical. I was not going to lose my time and I started a search for employment opportunities that could allow me applying newly gained knowledge and skills to practice. I had a couple of freelance job in branding and packaging design fields. Experience in design gave me an opportunity to improve my skills and further increase my interest and confidence in the right choice of profession. My interests are devoted to environmental graphic design such as signage and graphics in space. I am very interested in these two directions because they offer a chance to create something new and unique. Currently, I am employed as intern in COMPANY in New York. Being a member of the team is an excellent chance to learn more about graphic design from experienced colleagues.

I enjoy reading about people who have become successful in the field of graphic design. I analyze their works and continuously learn something useful for myself. For example, I believe that the best graphic design is applied to trademark “FedEx”. If to look at it closely, there is an arrow graphic between letters E and X. This design is genuinely simple and impressive at the same time.

I have a lot of plans and I am confident in my ability to become a professional graphic designer. I am inspired by my internship at a great company and I would love to continue my cooperation with it in the future. I have gained valuable experience as a graphic designer; I learned how to work with clients and colleagues to produce a design of high quality. I am devoted to enrich my knowledge in graphic design to become successful in this field. XXX graduate school gives me a chance to become more professional in graphic design. I want to advance my skills and abilities; I want to develop my own unique design theory. I am addicted to graphic design and I will definitely take advantage of all opportunities that might contribute to the growth of my professional skills. I have made my choice to work in brand identity and package design field and I am ready to study and work hard to become successful in this sphere.

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