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Who Can Do My Essay for Me?

Who Can Do My Essay for Me?

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Help with Master's Thesis Writing

Get Help with Master's Thesis Writing

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Who Can Write My Paper for Me?

Who Can Write My Paper for Me?

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Essay on American Dream

Essay on American Dream

Nowadays the concept of the American dream does not refer only to the population of the US. Many people of different nationalities also share a belief that their lives can significantly improve if they obtain the permit for residence and work in America. These people are ready to accept the American values and become a part of the American community, so one cannot deny that the American values are not universal anymore.
When revising the given paper, certain questions appeared: Do only the Americans comprise the target audience for this essay? May foreigners be interested in criticism against the contemporary vision of the American dream? What should I include in the essay to appear credible and objective? These basic questions helped to analyze and reconsider the core emphasis of the essay and refer it exactly to the audience. The new audience has been broadened on the basis of cultural and demographic background. Now I address not only the US citizens but also the people who plan to move or have just moved to the United States. These people may not be well acquainted with the social and economic conditions of contemporary America and can blindly follow their goals, which are similar to what the native population dream about – to fulfill the American dream. I support the evidence with the examples from the real life in order to increase the level of trust among the readers.

According to my vision, my audience may prefer to acquire the values and beliefs of the new society feeling the new ones are more appropriate compared to those traditional in their own environments. My mission is to objectively show different sides of the American society so that people can make a more thorough choice. I don’t try to encourage or discourage the readers that’s why I provide them with both positive and negative sides of the topic in order not to ruin their expectations or completely change their minds. What the audience can expect is the basic overview of the way of life they pursue from totally different perspectives. Apparently, certain part of the audience is acquainted with the concept so they rather expect to feel support or may be prompted to reconsider their vision and think of “taking action in the world”, as Ehrenreich appeals. Some feeling of inspiration comes from the words of this influential figure in the American society, that’s why I did not doubt when including her point of view about the American values.

In order to target the audience clearly, I include the example of a foreigner who had negative work experience at one of the basic jobs in the United States. I also mention some national minorities within the conditions they work in the country. Finally, I switch to outlining some tendencies in the contemporary American employment market and prove my suggestions with the findings of the aforementioned popular American writer Barbara Ehrenreich who provides the objective reasoning for the past and current situation in the country. I suppose that such structure can clearly introduce the audience the many-sided view on the reality of the American dream.

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Essay on American History

Essay on American History

Question 1: How and why did slavery begin in the British colonies in North America, and how did slavery evolve from the time of its origin to the outbreak of the American Revolution?

Slavery in England ceased to exist in the eleventh century. This makes it understandable that English colonists who had arrived to the New World gained the idea of engaging into owing slaves with the help of the Spaniards. The first slaves were brought to the colonies in the sixteenth century to meet the economic needs of the colonists (Kelley, Lewis, p. 16).
Surely, the main way to justify the need for slaves was the fact that hard work had to be done and strong labor force was needed to complete it. As Native Americans were unsuitable for the jobs of that kind, African Americans became the nation enslaved (Kelley, Lewis, p. 21).

At first, slavery was simply a wide-spread type of labor in the British colonies, though in the mid-1600s slaves started to be considered inferior to whites. Only in those years the articles in regards to slavery appeared in statutes of the colonies, and it was then that the deterioration of slaves from the society was explained by the fact that they were not Christian (viii).

Slavery was a critical point influencing the growth of the colonies, especially the Southern ones. In the South planters relied fully on servants, though it was not in their interest to hire servants and they pay them, rather owing slaves was a way to increase profits and minimize losses.

Over the course of slavery centuries several large scale uprisings happened, though the African Americans did not feel the strength to go against their masters for a very long time. The evolution of slavery can be understood when looking at the evolution of the Virginia Slaves’ Statutes describing the rights of slaves.

Question 2: What part did slavery play in establishing Britain as a world economic power, and how did the slavery issue affect the American perception of liberty before the American Revolution?

From the beginning slavery was the basis of the British Empire when it came to most of its campaigns. In fact for a very long time Britain denied the strong effect slavery and slaves themselves had on the economic and political wellbeing of the country.

First of all, it was the three hundred years of trading African slaves that allowed Britain to become a world economic power and finance the Industrial Revolution. In fact, many banks grew out of slave labor and slave trading. Second of all, a great part of British cultural heritage was built by the slave labor.

Prior to the Civil War many of the Americans understood that the fact of existence of slavery violates the Golden Rule of American Liberty for all. Many of people who had this opinion expressed in private attacks on slavery. However a small percentage of such translated private sentiment into real life actions. The condition of blacks made it obvious for white Americans that the concept of liberty for all is mainly utopian, as the contradiction between reality and the rhetoric documents was so strong (Kelley, Lewis, pp. 108-112).

Question 3: How did the idealism of the American Revolution affect American attitudes about slavery after the Revolution, and how did the establishment of American independence affect slavery as an economic system?

The American Revolution was brought about by the desire of the Colonies to be separated from England due to political and economic reasons. The zest for Liberty for All was one of the undermining pillars of the American Revolution that had a great influence on the political thinking of the Revolution.

Those who argued the patriot cause of the Revolution stated that unless independence is achieved the colonies would become slaves of the British. Certainly, the fear of enslavement resulted from the actual viewing of enslavement of African Americans. Idealism of American Revolution had contradictory effect on slavery. In the North, most of the slaves freed themselves. Though, the in South slavery became even more widespread. What has to be mentioned though is that even in the North the resistance to emancipation and freeing of slaves was strong. Thus, the idealism of American Revolution was applied only to the freedom of the colonists from the British (Kelley, Lewis, pp. 174-178).

After the proclamation of Independence slavery expanded as well as the United States did. It was the era of cotton cultivation. Clearly, a great bulk of all of the cotton was cultivated by the slaves. Thus, it must be noted that after the Revolutionary War slavery made American economy not only prolific, but also profitable.

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College Essay on Learning Disability

College Essay on Learning Disability

Learning disability applies to a series of difficulties that a child faces when performing certain mental activities. The typical occurrence of these problems is displayed while dealing with audio and visual information that includes numbers and letters, namely, reading, writing, listening or speaking (, 2008). However, the disease is characterized with concentration problems rather than with the lack of intelligence (KidsHealth, 2007). This type of disability refers to people as those with “complex needs” and is inherent to both children and adults (Blakemore, 2010), although I will discuss the part of the problem that concerns only the youth.
Let us now observe the matter more accurately. “Learning disabilities are neurological disorders that can make it difficult to acquire certain academic and social skills” (National Center for Learning Disabilities, 2010). People growing up with this type of disorder usually experience inconveniences with private and public governmental services including education, hospital treatment, security, etc. (Norman, 2010). But may there be a cause for this type of disability?

Children of different ages are exposed to different types of problems and disorders, although not each problem is a warning sign. The problem may be already observed at the age of four through five and examined according to the checklist of symptoms. According to the National Center for Learning Disabilties (2010), children from the early age and up to high school can be examined for a disability. The examination includes child’s oral and written language, reading, attention, ability to solve mathematical problems, as well as the observation of emotional state and motor skills. The causes for learning disabilities are not well identified, although there are some which are considered to be the most probably for this type of disorder. At first, disabilities are transmitted from parents to children, so heredity and genetics certainly play an important role. There is not much risk that a child will suffer from the learning disability if his or her family has never suffered (Kishiyama et al., 2009; KidsHealth, 2007). However, a child can obtain the disorder because of the mother’s way of life or her organism predilection. Any interference in the embryo development, either external or internal, may be the reason for anomalies in terms of pregnancy and lead to the aforementioned circumstances. At third, even after the birth, the child is also exposed to traumatism, which, in case the brain is damaged, becomes a precondition for the disability to develop. Finally, social condition and the way of life also provoke the risk. If parents do not treat the child properly in the first years of life, the disorder has all chances to occur. Kishiyama et al. (2009) mention that one of the most probable factors concerning this cause may be poverty. KidsHealth (2007) outlines nutrition as another reason.

Let’s get back to how the learning disability exhibits. Originally, it is not what some people see on the TV screens. “If it is learning disability, for example, cute people with Down syndrome are invariably tracked to their supported lair and given the Attenborough treatment” (McClimens, 2010). In fact, people with this type of disorder do not look different. That’s also the reason why parents cannot identify such a deviation on the early stages. The most obvious symptoms incorporate the impossibility to speak normally or deal with easy tasks when learning (KidsHealth, 2007). Sometimes the disability does not show up until the child is mature for more complex assignments. A child may fail to analyze his or her actions while managing them perfectly. This refers to verbal learning disabilities. With nonverbal ones, individuals may not be able to interpret their findings correctly.

As already discovered, learning disabilities may bother both children and adults. Based on this, the intervention methods are also different and usually depend on age and complexity of the disorder (LDAC.ACTA, 2010). It goes without saying that special treatment is obligatory for everyone who possesses such diagnosis. (2008) and the National Institute for Direct Instruction (2010) outline special education to be one of the most effective ways to deal with the disorder. The method is about evaluating child’s potential and designing the system of learning. The evaluation is based on student testing, which identifies children needing assistance. The advantage of such testing lies in the early disclosure of the symptoms that are inherent in disabilities. Then, a special teacher or tutor may be assigned for a child experiencing problems in learning. However, this method does not always prove to be efficient. After all, there are classes in some schools where teachers know how to cope with students possessing disabilities (KidsHealth, 2007). According to the National Institute for Direct Instruction (2010), the main intervention methods for coping with children disabilities in the classrooms include classroom adjustments and installment of special electronic devices and equipment. They try to recreate the ideal environment for the children to study. Some schools even have the facilities to keep special studying rooms where teachers lead the class of not more than five students on a regular basis.

Among other suggestions, one may find an advice to perform different types of therapies including the psychological one. Besides, some medical preparations appear to be useful to certain extent (, 2008; KidsHealth, 2007). The medicines are supposed to concentrate person’s attention through controlling impulses.

Other sources (Pointu, 2010; Blakemore, 2010; unknown 2010) emphasize on the role of a nurse and insist on the necessity of specialist care. Nurses should understand the meaning and the importance of the treatment that is provided. They are the contributors and guides in the areas of concern for each individual with a disability (Pointu, 2010). “A range of emotional and mental health supports are required that are individually tailored and available across the whole service delivery system” (unknown, 2010). Blakemore (2010) informs that finally the government proposes improvements of services for the disabled, although they will come into effect only if it possible to overcome discrimination and low level of expectations. Agnew (2010) also specifies the role of the community and its support to be of high importance. Dennison & Marshall (2010) describe the accessibility of technology that can be helpful for people. The services for those who suffer the disorder can include the release of the gadgets that provide better orientation for people within the environment. This mostly concerns households where technological advancement is highly integrated in the life of a person with a disability pursuing “the aim of helping people to be independent in their own homes” (Dennison & Marshall, 2010) and the satellite navigation, which can be useful in finding a way on the street. The aforementioned methods refer to all types of learning disabilities and are universal to certain extent.

It is said that there is no cure for a learning disability (KidsHealth, 2007). That’s why accommodations and modifications of common practices helping people with disabilities are highly welcomed. Human rights and the absence of discrimination are the main issues toward treating individuals with disorders (Parish, 2010; Laird, 2010; LD Online, 2008).

In whole, there exists no treatment that can be somewhat dangerous for a person with a disability or have some sort of side effects. Unfortunately, the disorder can remain more or less throughout the whole life of an individual, and that is the main concern for the patients, their families and the community. Not all methods are efficient and not all are suitable for each person. On the other hand, learning disabilities did not appear to be obstacles to some well-known personalities in science and show business. That’s why social acceptance of people with such type of disorders is a huge improvement toward coping with them.

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The Sabbath Essay

The Sabbath Essay

The part I found significant in the Gospel of Mark is 3:1-6. It narrates about the act of Jesus on Sabbath – the seventh day of the week. In the following passages, I would try to explain the meaning of Sabbath in the Bible, the importance of Jesus’ deed and its consequence.

The Sabbath is considered to be a holy day by the God’s Ten Commandments. It is the day when God created a human in accordance to his image. The Ten Commandments are the guide for the all generations of humans where the Lord proclaimed the principles of how they should live. The Fourth Commandment is about the Sabbath, the day which later Jesus, being the son of God, proclaimed his day and called people to perform good deeds. The Sabbath is the day when each person is blessed. It is considered to be the day of freedom, rest and faith, and that is how Jesus was going to make people percept it. Humans are forbidden to work on this day. One may follow the words of Jesus from the previous section of Mark, where it is said: “The Sabbath was made for the man” (Mark 2:27).
Jesus was always an example for his followers, that’s why people expected him to stick to the laws which the Lord proclaimed just as they did. In Mark 3:2, that describes an occurrence in synagogue, some people treated the case with an increased attention to whether Jesus was going to help the man with a withered hand. As a matter of fact, they were just searching for the reasons to accuse him. These people appeared to be not as faithful as Jesus for the first time and were about to put Jesus to the test. From the other acts of Jesus mentioned by other authors of the gospels, one may notice that people’s faith strengthened significantly after witnessing the miracles and did not hesitate anymore.

This time, at the synagogue, Jesus faced a man with a disease. He asked him to move closer and addressed an appeal to people around: "Is it lawful to do good on the Sabbath rather than to do evil, to save life rather than to destroy it?" (Mark 3:4). By this, he meant that a good act would never be condemned on a holy day. Saving life is the best option, and one should never hesitate to do this. In Mark 3:5, Jesus healed the hand of a man.

One of Jesus’ concerns then was the distrustfulness of the people around. They remained silent during the whole event of healing, and no one even responded to Jesus’ question about lawfulness of good and evil deeds. On the one hand, they appeared to be cruel or even inhuman. Jesus wondered why their hearts were so hard. But on the other hand, they might not want to support any of the sides and wait till the resolution of the occurrence.

Once again, I find the explanation for this in the lack of trust and belief in the Lord and in the influence of Pharisees. Jesus always accused Pharisees for the artificiality of what they teached. The teachings of Pharisees were aimed at making profit and earning money rather than following the principles which became basics for the Ten Commandments. Compassion and assistance were not their destiny. The opposition between Jesus and the Pharisees is obvious in Mark 3:6. After observing the miracle performed by Jesus, the Pharisees thought of killing Jesus.

Here the social opinion is very important. The Pharisees would never prefer Jesus to interfere with his noble deeds, which disclosed Jesus as an unselfish helper for the people. And Jesus was an impulse for the faithful people – after performing a new miracle, he was gaining new followers, who then had a reason to believe. Jesus was strengthening the faith of the people in the Lord. This was also obvious to the Pharisees, so they started plotting about killing Jesus. But before Jesus acted, the crowd was set negatively. People were not looking for optimism – they rather searched for a cause to accuse Jesus.

From this passage, one may grasp an idea about the human behavior and character. At first, flocking instinct has always been prevailing for each individual of the human race. At second, people are usually distrustful and suspicious for the first time. They always need a proof for everything. At third, people are afraid to be wrong, though will never forget to blame other people who they think are wrong themselves. The meaning of Sabbath in this passage is that there is no specific time for a good deed. With a good deed, you will never break the law. And no one has a right to accuse you, if you understand the importance and correctness of your actions. This is what this passage teaches us.

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The Passion of the Liberal Essay

Reviewing the Passion of the Liberal By Ann Coulter

This essay is to review one article by Ann Coulter entitled The Passion of the Liberal. More specifically, the aim is to evaluate the validity of the author’s arguments by critically analyzing her statements, considering her biases, and by deciphering the literary techniques she uses in order to express her opinions, and determine if she is trying to influence the reader into her beliefs. In an attempt to do so we must first understand the background of the writer.

Ann Coulter is a former graduate student from the University of Michigan Law School’s corporate law program and is a columnist who has also authored seven books. She is known for her crafty style of writing and her opinionated passionate nature. She has worked for the senate and is a self-declared Christian, Presbyterian. She has written such books as Godless: The Church of Liberalism, a book in which she implies that liberalism rejects the idea of God while bearing the characteristics of a religion itself.

The article at hand is a commentary on today’s liberal society that, according to the author, fails to see the humanity and justice brought forward by Judaism and Christianity, with the majority of the emphasis being on the Christian religion. Coulter strongly believes that the moral fabric of today’s America is obsessed with criticizing and, if you will, crucifying, the wrong matters. The article is more directly a response to the controversy surrounding the release of Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ” and its title is a play on the name of the recent film.

In The Passion of the Liberal, Coulter opens her angry outburst with the generalization that liberals in general do not have a clue about the intricacies of the Christian religion. She continues in her attempt to discredit those with opposite opinions as she alludes to George Bush’s apparent incompetence and basically refers to the writers of the New York Times as sex-craving abortion-loving homosexuals. The article is filled with satire and is written in a sarcastic tone that leaves one wondering if there is a possibility that Coulter is not offering an objective opinion piece, but rather has some sort of personal vendetta against the “loony-left”, as she eloquently alliterates. She sarcastically uses Maureen Dowd, a Pulitzer Prize winner, as an eponym for the intellectual bodies of liberal writers in order to further discredit their knowledge of Christianity.

The outstanding remarks made by Coulter refer to the Islamic religion. The notion here is that she believes Muslims are set out to “kill everyone who doesn’t smell bad and doesn’t answer to the name Mohammed”. Not only is this hyperbole offensive, but a fallacy as well as a contradiction to her prior arguments. She condemns the “know-nothing secularists” for their constant criticism of Christian and Catholic values due to their assumed lack of knowledge on the subject. At the same time, she slanders the Muslim faith by using the appeals of terrorism.

At the time this article was written, the affiliation between Muslim people and terrorism was quite ubiquitous. However, I personally have many Muslim friends who have, fortunately, yet to take a stab at me with a kitchen knife. The fact that there are extremists practicing any religion does not justify the slander of an entire religion. With that in mind, the prejudice displayed here leaves Coulter looking resentful, disrespectful and uneducated.

Upon revising the article, the author seems to lack focus on the topic and tends to go on small individual rants. This backfires, in my opinion, when she makes the following claim: “The religion that has transformed Western civilization for two millennia is a blank slate for liberals.” There are two determinants or factors in this argument that are subject to dispute the validity of the argument. As this argument is a premise or basis for the entire piece, it throws a slight skew onto the entire article.

The first questionable claim is that Christianity transformed Western civilization on its own. Note how the author uses religion in the singular tense. It is rarely argued that the founding fathers of America were free masons; even the White House is constructed with Masonic architecture. The combination of theism and deism being present in Masonic ideology supports natural religion based on an individual aspect rather than revelation. Masons were known to advocate and consider all religions equally. This is important especially for Western civilization because there is inevitability that religion is privatized in America. The reason it is privatized is not necessarily money, as some tend to believe, but the necessity for choice. Compared to countries in which religion is considered a nationality (see Israel), America is a Diaspora that is infused with many cultures and religions. Here you can see why a Christian conservative may find confusion in the behavior of today’s Western civilization, especially seeing as the item most worship are inscribed with the words “In God we trust”.

The other problem is that liberalism is a movement that advocates the individual’s freedom of choice, and positive progress for the future. According to liberalism, identity and free choice is predicated not by the past but rather the future. Whereas the concept of religion references three rather important points in time; which are the beginning of the world (the past), the point of revelation and the messiah (the future). A conservative’s claim that liberalism is oblivious to a religion is therefore unlikely, improbable, and moot. This is due to the concept of liberalism in its true sense is not critical of the past and does not consider revelation as a determinant of identity.

Ann Coulter is a very passionate writer with a strong academic background. The literary techniques she uses are very overpowering and convincing. The article The Passion of the Liberal is a series of her works that deal with the same subject. The eloquence of Ann Coulter's testimonial leaves you wondering which point she is arguing, whether it is the quality of Mel Gibson's movie, the fight between conservatism and liberalism, or if she is just a Presbyterian preacher. It seems that the most important message Coulter is trying to get across is the following. It is not such a bad thing to believe in God. This is a valid and sound point that could have been expressed in a much softer and more inviting tone. However, this method of instruction works too.

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Essay on Adult Learning

Essay on Adult Learning

The importance of providing opportunities for adult learning, including tuition reimbursement, is frequently underestimated in business settings. However, doing so is crucial for long-term success of any company. There are three major reasons behind this, and each of them will be dealt with in greater detail in the subsequent paragraphs. Highlighting them very briefly, they are linked with the issues of organizational efficiency, employee retention, and attraction of top talent. First of all, highly skilled workforce is the major determinant of company’s productivity and competitiveness. Although this argument might seem commonplace and self-evident, it is ignored by human resource managers far too often to be easily discarded. Secondly, a company that invests in human capital and offers opportunities for self-development to its workers is likely to see its internal branding efforts enhanced: if employees perceive their company as a place where they can learn and grow, a stronger commitment and psychological alignment with goals of the company will emerge. In the end, internal branding results in lover turnover rates and consequently less time and resources spent on hiring and training new employees.

As Jones (2001) rightly observes, offering support for continuous learning of employees is a practice established many companies with a view to “enhancing both their educational opportunities and prestige, both of which also help to retain top employees” (p. 43). Finally, allocating time for adult learning and supporting workers who engage in it, financially and otherwise, advances company’s external branding efforts. In the global war for talent, corporations go to great lengths to attract the best graduates. Most of such graduates care about self-development opportunities their potential employers have to offer.
While all the claims presented above seem plausible, they are also backed by a growing body of empirical evidence. Starting with the first argument, increasing the overall level of employees’ education is likely to give a company competitive advantage over its rivals. Adult education opportunities “enhance productivity, profits, and global competitiveness as workers apply their education to the marketplace” (Jones, 2001, p. 43). Investing in company’s intellectual capital will have a bearing on employees’ problem-solving skills, their ability to deliver quality customer service, and many other related areas. In the third millennium, it is “clear that in many enterprises the value is not in the tangible assets but in the intangible ones” (Brooking, 1996, p. 11). While the concept of intangible assets is broad and encompasses such things as systems, brands, and intellectual property, employees’ knowledge and competencies form the core element of intangible capital of successful companies.

Moreover, given the rapidly changing technological environment, acquisition of new skills becomes an imperative in many industries that rely on the extensive use of ICTs. Continuous learning is an absolute prerequisite for employees’ ability to keep up with technological trends. As Barley (1998) rightly observe, “[t]he shortage of knowledgeable workers in technical areas and rapid advances in technology have energized adult learning in the United States” (p. ii). An effective workforce is not only knowledgeable but also adaptable. This consideration is of particular importance in an organization like mine. Each employee of the Aviation Communication Center should be able to quickly and competently react to any kind of situation and adapt to using different types of technological solutions. Therefore, it is important to ensure that “education is proactive, anticipating and shaping the future” (Jones, 2001, p. 43) rather than merely reactive to past or existing problems.

The second reason why adult learning in corporate settings is important is associated with the issue of psychological contract employees develop with their organizations. The term “psychological contract” is used to denote mutual expectations employees and managers have of each other and informal beliefs and relationships that exist between them. If employees expect their companies to invest in their self-development, a failure to do so on the part of the company can lead to a breach of the psychological contract, which in turn might have devastating consequence for operational performance of the company.

Under a quite different scenario, a company that clearly communicates its policy to provide opportunities for adult learning and offer support to those who are unable to bear the costs associated with education themselves can both attract and retain qualified workforce. While the issue of attracting talent will be discussed later, the impact adult learning opportunities can have on employee retention will be discussed here. The negative consequences of high turnover are well-known to any human resource manager. In order to decrease or even avoid turnover, it is necessary to ensure that alignment of personal goals, values, mission and vision of every employee and that of the company is taking place. This is achieved best if employees perceive their company as a “caring organization”: such organizations ensure that their employees are given the possibility to advance their knowledge and acquire new skills on a continuous basis. Thus, possibilities for adult learning “provide added incentives for employees to stay where they are rather than leave for a rival company or even another country” (Jones, 2001, p. 43).

Finally, making time and allocating financial resources for continuous education is likely to attract the most energetic, motivated, and goal-oriented employees. Every career-minded person arrives to a new company with a certain vision of his or her future progress. Experience together with education is the prerequisite of smooth and quick movement up the career ladder. However, employees in most cases find out to be themselves responsible for choosing and paying for their education; a company that helps them with it is likely to look very attractive in the eyes of job-seekers.

Although there might be many more reasons why adult education in corporate settings is a desirable practice, the aforementioned three reasons are significant enough to make any company reconsider its approach to self-development of its employees. Firstly, increasing the overall level of education of the workforce enhances company’s competitive standing. Continuous acquisition of new skills and competencies is indispensable in the rapidly changing technological environment. Secondly, employee retention has been found to be unambiguously linked to educational opportunities companies have to offer. Finally, attraction of top talent becomes easier if a company provides potential employees with a clear plan for their future career progression.

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Saturday, June 2, 2012

General Education Requirements Essay

General Education Requirements Essay

The general education requirement is the set of courses which must be completed in order to give students a wide range of knowledge in a specific area. In order for students to specialize in a given field they must first gain basic awareness and understanding of the main principles within the art or science they aim to pursue. General education courses usually prepare students for further study by laying down the foundations of the area of knowledge and exercising skills which will prove necessary for continued learning.

Two such courses are those offered by the university of Kansas and Catawba College. The courses are of a similar nature and offer a basis for English language studies. Catawba College’s English 1103 course is a part of the general education writing program meant to provide a background in critical reading and writing. The course gives students the opportunity to get acquainted with rhetorical thinking and to use it in their analytical reading approach as well as when creating texts.
As part of a general education course in language studies the English 1103 also aims to enhance the understanding of students when reading texts. The course gives students the necessary knowledge to handle academic writing styles and gather and appropriately quote the required information from both electronic and print sources. Other fundamental knowledge covered includes organization and structure of writing, punctuation, style, diction, and use of language. (The General Education Writing Program, Catawba College)

A similar course offered by the University of Kansas is English 102. The classes, like the ones provided by Catawba, are meant to give students the necessary tools for academic writing and understanding of texts. Kansas’s English 102 includes knowledge on quotation mechanisms as well as a deep understanding and knowledge of at least one system of documentation. The course is meant to teach students how to explore various topics with the process of writing and how to use it as a tool for deepened understanding. Students are expected to learn how to collaborate on an academic level and conduct research as well as how to use and understand language in a flexible way. The course includes a research element, meant to encourage students to apply their knowledge as well as gain experience. (Goals for English 102, Kansas University)

Both the English 1103 and the English 102 general education courses have a similar content and offer the skills necessary for students to adequately use language and writing. The structure of both courses provides attendees with knowledge of basic academic writing principles such as quotation and research practices, critical approaches toward texts and written expression skills. In order to prepare students for further studies, or simply give them a good foundation in language knowledge, both courses develop skills for understanding written texts. Both courses use summary or synthesis as a tool for enhanced understanding, and build on that foundation in order to enable students to develop their own argumentation and critical thinking. Once a student is able to properly understand writing, select the appropriate language tools, and conform to quotation requirements, they should be able to create appropriate academic writing.

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