Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Essay on American Dream

Essay on American Dream

Nowadays the concept of the American dream does not refer only to the population of the US. Many people of different nationalities also share a belief that their lives can significantly improve if they obtain the permit for residence and work in America. These people are ready to accept the American values and become a part of the American community, so one cannot deny that the American values are not universal anymore.
When revising the given paper, certain questions appeared: Do only the Americans comprise the target audience for this essay? May foreigners be interested in criticism against the contemporary vision of the American dream? What should I include in the essay to appear credible and objective? These basic questions helped to analyze and reconsider the core emphasis of the essay and refer it exactly to the audience. The new audience has been broadened on the basis of cultural and demographic background. Now I address not only the US citizens but also the people who plan to move or have just moved to the United States. These people may not be well acquainted with the social and economic conditions of contemporary America and can blindly follow their goals, which are similar to what the native population dream about – to fulfill the American dream. I support the evidence with the examples from the real life in order to increase the level of trust among the readers.

According to my vision, my audience may prefer to acquire the values and beliefs of the new society feeling the new ones are more appropriate compared to those traditional in their own environments. My mission is to objectively show different sides of the American society so that people can make a more thorough choice. I don’t try to encourage or discourage the readers that’s why I provide them with both positive and negative sides of the topic in order not to ruin their expectations or completely change their minds. What the audience can expect is the basic overview of the way of life they pursue from totally different perspectives. Apparently, certain part of the audience is acquainted with the concept so they rather expect to feel support or may be prompted to reconsider their vision and think of “taking action in the world”, as Ehrenreich appeals. Some feeling of inspiration comes from the words of this influential figure in the American society, that’s why I did not doubt when including her point of view about the American values.

In order to target the audience clearly, I include the example of a foreigner who had negative work experience at one of the basic jobs in the United States. I also mention some national minorities within the conditions they work in the country. Finally, I switch to outlining some tendencies in the contemporary American employment market and prove my suggestions with the findings of the aforementioned popular American writer Barbara Ehrenreich who provides the objective reasoning for the past and current situation in the country. I suppose that such structure can clearly introduce the audience the many-sided view on the reality of the American dream.

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