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Why I Want to Be a Nurse Essay

Why I Want to Be a Nurse Essay

Taking the decision what profession to choose is vitally important for everybody. The best variant would seem to take up a profession, which can be interesting, challenging, developmental and well paid. In this paper I am going to explain my choice of nursing career and the main reasons of this choice and my major expectations for the future.
First of all nursing presumes different possible positions at hospitals, clinics, nursing faculties and so on. This means that I could have the possibility not only to work at certain place all the time, this means that I could be able to be trained and get the experience in various settings and could choose the most appropriate specialty for me: either a critical care nurse or psychiatric nurse or anesthetist or some other. As soon as a person becomes a professional nurse a lot of possibilities are opened for him, his knowledge could be applied for creating a disaster relief center, his own nursing home or help for delivering babies. There is really no need to concentrate on some certain place or sphere, once you have the necessary skills you can choose the field that you like, either working with elderly or young people, working directly with patients or teaching others. I do not like routine work and I am sure that nursing is far from it. Being a nurse one could hardly experience two workdays that are the same, every day a nurse has to encounter different problems and situations; to be able to solve them and learn something new from them this is what really matters for me. Besides this profession is rather flexible, you can choose your work schedule or work shift and you can choose you geographical location as well: from downtown clinical center to some rural areas. Moreover, the researches prove that by the year 2008 new nursing occupations are planned. In the USA, for example, health care market is getting bigger and bigger, there is no actually age limit and people of 20 to 50 can start nursing career. (Buogh, 15)

If I am able to get some additional training and the necessary experience I could think of career growth. I believe after getting a nurse degree it is necessary to find the best suitable mentor for starting the job and developing the experience. Mostly nurses work as teams, but still this is a kind of independent job; there are a lot of managers, educators, clinical nurse specialists and so on who work on their own. I do not have any problems working as a part of a team, besides in the beginning this seems to me even better, because the members of the team can support and help each other.

This is a stabile job and everything would depend only on me if I am able to learn, to work hard to get new experience, to understand and to feel the most important moments how to take care of people, how to help them, how to show your moral support and so on. All these points are really important, as everybody should not only do his job, but also do it perfectly and be personally satisfied with the results. Without any doubts this job is hard because dealing with sick or injured people is a rather subtle task, but is it also rewarding because you see that you are able to help the patient.

The experience and knowledge that I can receive when working as a nurse I could apply not only to other people, but to my family and myself, as well.

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