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Essay on International Adoption

Essay on International Adoption

At some point of their life, the majority of adults feel the need to be parents and to experience the responsibility and pleasure of parenthood. Most families bring up their own infants but a great number of couples face the problem of inability to have children, thus they usually resort to adoption. They may find a surrogate mother, address to domestic orphanages or adopt children from abroad.
Unfortunately, today the statistics shows that the rate of international adoption gradually increases. The main reason of this might be the fact that the process of international adoption takes less time and besides taking a child from a foreign orphanage where the conditions are usually rather poor, people feel like helping those who need it most of all. In this essay, I am not going to reject the fact that derelict children are the most helpless in this world and need love and care no matter where they live. Still I would like to draw your attention to the problem that children in our country stay homeless and lose hope to find loving parents.

Actually, people may not even be aware of the advantages domestic adoption has. Taking into account the fact that the majority of couples want to adopt newborn infants, the domestic adoption provides much better conditions for it. Future parents can have all the necessary information about the social background, the prenatal and postnatal medical care and, certainly, the birth parents. While foreign orphanages usually tend to hold back the information about the infant as it might be rather negative. It is known that the most popular countries for international adoption are countries of the former Soviet Union, Eastern Europe and Asia, that is countries with low standard of living and high level of physical and mental problems as well as cases of tuberculosis and AIDS among children. People normally try to adopt healthy infants and abroad they risk not getting the information about maternal drug abuse or alcoholism that may influence the development of a child.

Another problem that adoptive parents face is the possibility of not getting the child they want as foreign orphanages have the aim to place their children as soon as possible and they usually promise them to many agencies. Therefore, people have no guarantees to adopt the child they want. Besides, speaking about guarantees it is necessary to mention that the process of international adoption can be stopped in the country at any time and for different reasons. For example, the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 played a great role in the abrupt intermission of adoption from Romania.

Moreover, it is always essential for future parents to get proper training for bringing up their children, especially adopted ones, as these children do need special delicate approach. Therefore, the adoption classes are the best way to get ready for the parental responsibility. International adoption does not require such classes, though parents adopting foreign children are in great need of that.

To conclude, both international and domestic adoption is necessary in today world, but it is obvious that domestic adoption benefits children and their parents more than the international one. The possibilities that it offers are more likely to ensure the happiness of the future family.

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