Thursday, July 5, 2012

College Essay Sample

Free College Essay Sample

I strongly believe that education is extremely important to me and my future career. In fact, an individual cannot really progress and achieve any significant results in his life and work without higher education. Moreover, in the contemporary world, education is playing increasingly important role and I am really convinced that I need to continue my education as long as my life endures. The latter may be possible on the condition if I have a good basis. This is why I think the study at your University will help me create such a basis.

Naturally, I have not decided to choose business administration that I would like to study in a day. In fact, such a belief is a result of my profound reflections concerning my current position and my future perspectives. At the same time, my life experience has also played an important role in my decision to choose such a field.

First of all, I should say that I was always interested in business study and I wanted to receive my higher education in the US since I believe American education is of high quality that is particularly important in such a field as business administration.

Furthermore, I am majoring in Management and Information system and I am convinced that this will provide me with excellent opportunities in my future professional career. In fact, it is beyond the doubt that the modern world is rapidly developing and IS and effective management are of a paramount importance. Moreover, the business constantly changes under the impact of the implementation of new technologies and new scientific inventions. As a result, it is extremely important to be able not only perceive such changes but be ready to successfully implement them in practice. This is exactly what I am supposing to learn while studying at your University.

Also, I my entire education was business-oriented since it was the main objective of my life to study business and become a successful businessmen or administrator. This is why I always paid a particular attention to business-related subjects and attempted to develop skills and knowledge that are essential in business administration.

Anyway, I believe that this filed is extremely perspective and this was the major reason for me to make such a choice. In fact, I believe that study in the field of business administration will help me acquire new skills and abilities as well as develop existing once to the extent that I will become a well-qualified professional able to face all possible challenges of the modern business world.

Thus, in conclusion I should say that taking into consideration my innate skills and abilities, my inclinations and wishes, as well as my strong interest to business I have decided to choose the field of business administration and study at your University where I expect to receive higher education and become a really skilful professional that is an essential condition of my future career growth.

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