Monday, April 2, 2012

The Frick Collection Essay

The Frick Collection Essay

What is the price of the genuine everlasting beauty? The one that will never diminish? The one that will make you stand breathless for hours staring at something your eyes find great pleasure observing? $15? It is priceless. And it is worth it. Genuine beauty can now be found at the Freaks collection – a cozy yet stylish upper-class mansion exhibiting pieces of art from best-known paintings by the greatest European artists to the major works of sculpture and eighteenth-century French furniture and porcelains. You will find it truly hospitable – the domestic atmosphere is what makes the Frick’s collection stand out from the line of museums. You will not even be able to call it a museum – it is indeed a private collection, so it is more like visiting an old friend who is keen on beautiful things. Be prepared to wish to stay longer than the decency of a friendly visit implies – you might be just carried away by the beauty of the collection.

Either you are „an old friend” of Frick’s or „a new one”, you will certainly find the new special loan from the Museo di Capodimonte in Naples, Italy. Parmigianino’s beautiful Antea is something hard to miss. You will first notice her body in rich clothing is much more ample than we are used to in modern life. The girl’s beauty is tantalizing – the open and magnetic gaze, the blush uncovering strong emotions of turbulent inner passion, the hand close to the heart as if the person standing in front of Antea is truly dear to her. All this frankness wins the admirer’s benevolence in seconds. Do not be surprised if you find yourself talking to Antea and uncovering you deepest feelings, staying by her side for hours. Antea is young and beautiful and these are the most powerful things in life. They are still more valuable because of the ephemeral nature of these characteristics.

They say Antea might have been Parmigianino’s mistress, or his daughter (Frick Collection Press release, 2008). Whoever she was, one might certainly tell she had been a blessed woman, for her beauty wins the fight against the centuries and endures through the eyes of millions admirers around the world. Parmigianino gave the lady eternal youth and beauty – something most people believe is impossible to achieve. Parmigianino did not fight the Nature, on the contrary – he used its power to create the masterpiece. What truly captivates the attention is Antea’s natural beauty and sincere appearance, the frankness she shares with the audience.

Humans have always valued natural beauty – that is the secret of Antea’s popularity. She is a genuine beauty that will make you stand breathless – or at least give her a chance to win your benevolence.

If you feel like a little miracle – do not hesitate to meet Antea, who is staying at a hospitable Frick’s collection up to April, 27, 2008. You will most probably enjoy the rest of the art works. The visit costs $15 only, while the experience is priceless.

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