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Essay on Presidential Candidates

Essay on Presidential Candidates

Marketing Campaign Details for Presidential Candidates 
Almost every political event in the United States of America is accompanied by a certain type of marketing strategies to attract certain audience. Presidential elections present, probably, the most demonstrative example of marketing campaigns in the country. Presidential candidates and their marketing specialists use diverse methods and media to attract people in their marketing strategies. Let us look at two of the U.S. Presidential candidate’s campaigns and analyze them.
First marketing campaign we will observe is the strategy of presidential candidate Barack Obama. This Democratic Party nominee has reached outstanding results in his campaign due to non-standard strategy. Obama became famous for his innovative approach to marketing campaign. It involved all contemporary methods and media, which made the campaign extremely effective. To my mind, it contained two major components. First element of Barack Obama’s strategy was branding – professional art-directors have created Obama’s identity according to major rules of branding, including logotype, font, sign, slogan, and individual colors. It worked very good and eye-catching, making Obama a real brand. Second key element of Barack Obama marketing campaign was media. He used the most universal and effective modern medium – Internet, and he used it professionally. Obama’s website is a good example of modern trends in web-design – interactive web 2.0 resource with intuitive usability and very good search engine optimization. These approaches of Barack Obama’s campaign addressed, rather young audience that is aware of modern trends in contemporary informational technologies.

The other marketing strategy we will look at is the one of the USA presidential candidate John McCain, the representative of Republican Party. Due to lack of investment, his campaign was not as high-end as Obama’s. However, McCain has his own authentic image of experienced military activist that attracts certain audience. His campaign included recognition of national authority, initiating finance reforms, major fundraising. Being the second oldest president candidate (after Ronald Reagan), the figure of John McCain attracts the older audience that supports conservative political views, like he does.

The marketing campaigns of presidential candidates usually diverse soundly, as every candidate is different, having individual goals and methods. The strategies of Barack Obama and John McCain differ from the standpoint of target audience and perspectives offered. While Obama used innovative technologies and modern branding techniques headed to younger audience, John McCain addressed older and more experienced audience emphasizing more conservative media and views.

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