Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Essay on Automobile

Essay on Automobile

If an Automobile Had Never Been Invented 
I get up at four o’clock in the morning. I have breakfast and get ready for work. I have to leave at five o’clock, as the company I work in is situated 7 kilometers from my apartment. I like to have a walk in the morning along with other people, we talk and smile to each other, and the roads for pedestrians are very wide. I am very healthy and slim. You bet! I walk for fourteen kilometers everyday, and when I want to go to the cinema in the evening- even more! This is not the nightmare. It is the situation without a car.

In reality it I think that it is meaningless to discuss the question whether the society be better if the automobiles never been invented. I would like to receive the clarification for the series of supporting questions: what is meant by society? Is the cities and their allocation are just the same, as they are now? Do we have the subway for our disposal? Anyway, there is an impression that society could be better. There would have been no carbon dioxide released in the air, there would be no traffic jams, and people’s nervous systems would have been much stable and healthier. But on the other hand it is impossible to deny the progress and the process of evolution. If people decide to build huge conglomerates, establish numerous companies and teach their children in schools, they are presuming that they will have the automobile to reach all those places. The society without automobiles will not be better, it will be just different. People will live completely different lives, have different values and the appearance of our cities, towns and villages will be completely different. An it is not known whether the natural resources would be more secure if there were no automobiles, there is a high probability that people would just cut more forests and take more crop lands to make their settlements not very big, but numerous.

For many people the automobile is not the luxury, but the means of transportation, as they just have to use the car to do business, and not to be late for business appointments. And what about deliveries of food, medicaments, and other essential stuff in each person’s everyday life? Should people suffer if there is no diary factory near their house? Automobiles offer comfort to our society, as well as the freedom of choice. If the person is willing to live downtown and he is proposed the good careers opportunities in the center of the city, or let’s say, far from his house, why he should refuse doing what he wants, just for the reason that he has no transportation mean to get to the work.

I will be able to leave in any world- with automobiles or without them, but the technological advancements and technical advancement leave no choice to the society rather then keep up with changes and enjoy what it has.

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