Thursday, January 10, 2013

Essay on School-based Clinics

This paper will evaluate the advantages and traits of three different school-based clinics information on which was retrieved in the process of a web search. These clinics, based on the information available online have features that can form the basis for a successful school-based medical establishment.
St. Barnabas School-Based Clinic
One example is the St. Barnabas school-based clinic that aims at servicing those teenagers who are underprivileged in access to quality health care due to lack of insurance and under-insurance. This focus on serving less privileged classes seems one of the noble goals for a school-based clinic.
St. Barnabas School-Based Clinic concentrates on preventing risky behaviors that cause drug and alcohol abuse and lead to sexually transmitted diseases and undesired pregnancies. To curb risky behaviors, the clinic presents an «an ideal focal point for integrating comprehensive health education with the provision of basic primary and preventive health and mental health services» (St. Barnabas School-Based Clinic).
The experience of the clinic indicates that its efforts were able to contribute to the improvement in adolescents’ health state in the area.
One of the clinic’s advantages is its concern with offering advanced health care, as the clinic adds new services every year. Now is service range includes «a full range of primary care, dental screening and counseling services» , supplemented with  WIC counselors for pregnant students and a program on education and treatment of Chlamydia.
In 1998 alone, the clinic was able to attract 1,000 new enrollees.
The School-Based Clinic Program: Duke University Medical Center
The School-Based Clinic Program at Duke University Medical Center offers a wide range of services at several schools ranging from elementary to high school level.
The clinic operated by the program boast the determination to serve the needs of every student regardless of the ability to pay. Thus, students are offered assistance in filing insurance claims. In case the student is not covered by insurance, the student is then charged a modest fee based on the ability to pay.
This clinic is able to take conventional school service to a new level as it functions in partnership with Duke University Hospital, Durham Regional Hospital, Durham Public Schools and Center for Child and Family Health. 
Denny Wellness Center
Denny Wellness Center that has been offering health care services in Seattle schools since 1992, operates in five schools of the middle and high school level. The Puget Sound Neighborhood Health Centers (PSNHC) that serves as parent for Denny Wellness Center has been functioning in the Seattle community for over 30 years. Thus, the ability to draw on the well-established culture is one of the distinct benefits of the clinic.
The positive feature of the clinic is the close cooperation between the staff of the clinic and the school nurse, the school guidance counselors and other school staff.
Features of the listed school-based clinics to be incorporated in the creation of a new clinic
In my view, partnership with other healthy care institutions is of great importance for a school-based clinic. At the stage of the clinic formation, it is of special importance to be able to find the establishments that will be able to help the clinic to keep abreast of the latest developments in medical science as it happened at Duke University Health Center.
Besides, the school needs to constantly monitor the effects of the school program so as to be able to measure the effectiveness of the clinic’s efforts directed at the preservation and improvement of the youth’s health. Thus, St. Barnabas School-Based Clinic was able to report positive results in this area.
The school-based clinic has to function in close cooperation with the other school staff, which would enable it to work out effective solutions to improving the youth’s health.

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