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Plagiarism Exercise Essay

Plagiarism Exercise Essay

Excerpt 1 
The student version seems to be good enough though, it is possible to find certain misrepresentation of the original message since the phrase ‘stormy alliances, seems to change the original idea of Steven Greffenius who spoke about turbulent relations but he rather implies the uneasy relations with Israel as the major opponent of Egypt but not the allies of the latter. This is why the student version may be presented as follows: Egypt was an unpredictable leader of the Arab world. At times it was friendly to its neighbors and at others it seemed to encourage enemy relations. Such a changeable policy of Egypt led to the highly unstable relations of the country with Israel to the extent that it moved the countries to the war in 1967.
Excerpt 2 
The student version basically fully repeats the original message. This is why it is possible to estimate that this is another case of plagiarism which may be defined as paraphrase with incomplete documentation since despite the repetition of the author’s ideas the student did not use quotation marks nor proper documentation. The correct student version should be as follows: Diane Amble (1996) explains that for Old Order Amish and Mennonite sects not only were worship services a ritual expression of the spirit of Gelassenheit but “they were also a time for practicing unity, a time, when the individual was integrated into and found expression in the collective activities of waiting, silence, listening, and unison singing” (43).

Excerpt 3 
 Basically, the student version is correct, though it seems to be possible t be a bit more precise while documenting the original source. To put it more precisely, it seems to be possible to provide more information about the original book. The student excerpt may be presented as follows: In his book, The Stirring of Soul in the Workplace, Alan Briskin (1996) contends that the factory’s social gatherings have unified people in every kind of relationship from friendships to marriages (222).

Excerpt 4 
The student version may be also named plagiarism because basically, it repeats the ideas and words of the original message. At the same time, the student obviously fails to acknowledge all quoted materials. This is why the correct student version should be as follows: In the United States people viewed religion as “an individual’s personal, private relationship to the divine”. It is also true, however, that religion has “public as well as personal or private facets” (Monsma 50).

Excerpt 5 
This student version is correct as it provides ample information about the author and the original version, while, at the same time, the student version represents unique and original message that has only the main idea in common with the original message. This is why it is possible to estimate that this version is correct and does not need to be changed somehow.
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