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Essay About Pregnancy

Essay About Pregnancy

I was dreaming of being a mother since I was 3 years old. When I was a little girl, child birth was something saint to me and when I grew up that feeling just became more real.

When I understood that I’m pregnant it was miracle that I was not able to realize at once. Me and my husband were willing to have a child and were anticipating this event. I was not making a test for pregnancy or seeing a doctor, I just realized that someone is already inside of me and I am responsible from now not only for myself, but also for life of this new little creature.
Then I visited my doctor, he took all necessary analyses and said that I am really pregnant, but his confirmation was just a mere formality.

During first about three months I had not experienced any drastic changes in my body, but later I started to feel stronger that inside me is a living organism. I hadn’t experienced any changes in my tastes or appetite and was not trying to eat for both of us, as some popular magazines advice. I was just doing and eating what I felt would be good for me and for my future baby.

Interesting thing that the fact I will give birth to a child didn’t frightened me at all, although other future mums with whom I was communicating were a bit scared before their future event.

During pregnancy I was working for about 6 months till I realized tat I need to pay more attention to myself. I was reading a lot of literature and birth stories, started to attend yoga for pregnant. I would like to stop on describing my yoga experiences in more details. I was just amazing I have never experienced before. At once it was hard to adapt to physical loadings and specific spiritual direction, but then I started to get pleasure from trainings. My couch told me a lot of things connected not only with my future experiences and how to be prepared to them, how to breathe and what to expect, but also about my emotional state, about my inner feelings and about my expectation on the spiritual level. I thought a lot about not only physical process how I became pregnant, but also about pregnancy like of a divine gift. My couch talked a lot about the importance of the road I am already in too. Of course, I was just listening to him and trying to make my own opinion upon the things he told me, but in many things our views were almost the same. He taught me how to breathe properly - inhale with my stomach and then push an air out with my stomach as well (usually women breathe with their breast), as he said that such breathing technique is very useful for slight massage of my baby girl and all innate organs. We also breathed together according to other techniques, such as short inhalations for about 54 times and holding up breathe till the moment it was possible without extra efforts, and I began to feel myself much better. My perception of myself, my body and my present state became more deliberate. I began to feel myself better and understand that I can control my feelings and my physical state. I could control my pains when beginning immediately to breathe properly.

I noticed that during pregnancy I became more sensitive. Sometimes I could cry just for any trifle. One day I was walking in the park near our house and breathing fresh air, and it was shining, and it was summer, and I was just caressing my baby and realizing that I am absolutely a happy person, and suddenly I began to cry and those tears were tears of happiness. I realized that I am doing what I have always wanted to, I am with man I have always loved and will love forever and that soon there will be three of us. I was anticipating seeing and holding my baby girl, and had no anxiety towards pain, which is usually connected with process of giving birth and contractions, although I have never experience all that before, but I was sure that everything will be just the best way. I was sure that my midwifes will do everything for me and my baby and actually it happened how I expected.

Delivery went perfect. When contractions became I was at home cooking for George who was going to return from his job. He actually forbade me to overstrain, but it was easy for me and very pleasant to cook for him, knowing that he will come back tired and will be very much grateful for my taking care of him. I immediately called my midwife and asked what I should do. She asked me to relax and just to call her when I will be in more active labor. Then I called my husband and he said that he will come back home as soon as possible. I had an impression that he became anxious even more than I did. I decided to eat something and to watch TV just to relax and contraction didn’t stopped.

Then I realized that I was not emotionally ready to all this, I was preparing to this day all nine months and at that moment I panicked for a while. I called my mother and two sisters, and they knew that they couldn’t do anything for me, but they tried to calm me down and provide emotional support. Then George came and we took some necessary things and went to the hospital. Huh! When I think about that day, I just experience it again and became sweaty a bit. It was very important to me that contraction didn’t slow down so that I was able to give a natural birth to my baby girl. In the hospital midwifes checked me and saw that it was already needed 10 cm and I was ready. It is impossible to describe what I felt when I saw my sweet little baby and could clasp her to my breast. She was so beautiful that I began to cry. She cried and I was crying. It was the happiest moment in my life. I counted all her fingers and couldn’t take my eyes of her face.

What can I say? Each woman has to feel and experience that by herself. To my opinion only then she will realize her real predestination. And as to me, we are thinking about the second child.
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