Tuesday, February 28, 2012

University Admission Essay Example

University Admission Essay Example

Moving from place to place and leading a busy life full of business meetings and messages to follow up has always been enticing for me. Starting in early childhood I remember spending hours imagining myself all grownup wearing a stylish black suit and shiny shoes, entering big glass building situated in downtown New York or Chicago. I imagined myself busting through the busy streets of the city, trying to get a cab to drive to the hit-uptown restaurant, reviewed in all the best newspapers, to have business lunch with colleagues from Japan.

Obviously, inspired by such dreams I wanted to be skillful, well-known, independent, powerful and reliable. That is why I started to study business at Rutgers University. Studying at the university I felt that every day I would get closer and closer to the dreamy image of my childhood, though my experience felt somehow incomplete. That is why I decided to take a new path and apply to Babson Business School as a transfer student.

I have always been an adventurer by nature, interested in being challenged, visiting other lands and meeting people completely different from the ones around me. That is why I have always been fond of studying foreign languages. In high school I was honored to be one of a few students to be included in an exchange program. In the framework of this program I was supposed to go to Germany and spend one academic year studying there at a regular German school. Leaving family, friends, pets, home, everything I was so used to behind was not easy, in fact it was rather intricate. However, I knew that experience would be very beneficial for my future life and would also help me better appreciate the things I had at home.

Without a shadow of doubt, the first day of school in Germany was one of the most difficult as well as most exciting days of my life. The hardest moments of that day had been, of course, the ones when crossing the threshold of the school where everything seemed so outlandish and strange.  At first I also found it very difficult to speak up and express my ideas. In fact, the first couple of months I used to always hold back in class and with friends.

However, after some time I realized that such behavior could lead people to form a wrong opinion about me. That was the minute I knew changes had to be made, that was also a day when I read that Henry Ward Beecher once said, “Hold yourself responsible for a higher standard than anyone expects of you. Never excuse yourself.” The next day I came to school as a completely different person. I felt easy and confident, I showed people that I loved a challenge, and did not let even a hint of an opportunity to go unclaimed. That year was full of challenges and enjoyment, it was full of successes and failures. Though, that very first day when I came to school and was no longer afraid to speak up is the brightest memory I have from that thorny year.

Many years have passed since my experience of being an exchange student. Now, I am a person who goes for a thing he wants and gives it all he has. I would be honored to be admitted to Babson Business School and be part of the activities of this institution. I view my upcoming years at this school as an opportunity to further use the skills I acquired in my life and previous education and I am sure this school will take me one step closer to achieving my goals. I am certain it would, because “anything is possible at Babson”.

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