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Personal Statement Essay Sample

Personal Statement Essay Sample

As a child I have often heard that a person is alive only if he/she is eager to change, learn and achieve. I have always agreed fully with the words of this saying and tried to make it the credo of my life. I was born in Asia, however later moved to the United States of America to continue my studies. Currently, my goals are in the short term to get the dietetic internship and then in the long term to become a registered dietician and help other people get rid of the terrible problem with the name “obesity”.

My goals have been formed both due to the personal and external reasons. To begin with, I have always been aware of the problems of obesity in other countries, although thought it would never come to mine. Though, it have, moreover, my father is one of the people suffering from this problem and I feel that it is my responsibility to get an education in the field that is necessary for my family and for other people in the country.

I consider that I possess the specific strengths to offer to both the internship program and the profession of dietetics. I have been prior involved with dietetics when working at Ohio State University Extension’s Family Nutrition Program. There I was responsible for doing the data entry and preparing the materials for nutrition education program. In addition, I wad a student production supervisor at on-campus dinning for supervised food production and prepared food. At the mentioned above position I completed such tasks as daily inventory record, new trainees supervision, promoting and implementing he healthy way of eating within students and member families.

It is my belief that I also possess the leadership characteristics needed for the internship as well as the position of a registered dietician. These characters have been acquired by me when working as an orientation leader at Ohio State University and at Dean College. Over the course of the above leadership practices I completed various tasks ranging from serving as a representative of Ohio State to guiding the new students through campus services, building locations, and university policies and procedures.

In my mind, the most valuable experience I have acquired in the field of dietetic was working in a Snack-Pass nutrition Service at Ohio State University Hospital and being a peer tutor for mathematics and nutrition classes at Dean College. When volunteering at a Snack-Pass Service I had to provide a patient with snacks suitable for his/her health conditions.  When volunteering as a peer tutor I did my best to clarify the questions my fellow students had about the field and pursued them not to only learn the information provided in the textbooks but also apply it in the every day life.

I have made it clear that I have a rich experience working in dietetics, however, certainly, I still have to learn many things. This is the reason why I am so motivated to be enrolled in the University of Michigan Health System. What I find remarkable about this program is that according to the statistics, around 80 percent of its graduates are employed in dietetics or enrolled in an advanced education program within a year following graduation.  Moreover, 100 percent of employers responding to surveys rank UMHHC DI program graduates at 3 or higher (on a 5-point scale) on the average mean of all attributes measured.
It would be my greatest pleasure to be accepted as a member of University of Michigan Health System program. I am an open-minded, fast-learning and friendly person, moreover, I am ready to work hard. If accepted, I would do my best to take an active part in the program and put the obtained knowledge into practice. 

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