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Essay on Adam Aircraft

Essay on Adam Aircraft

Adam Aircraft was founded by Rick Adams, when he started developing his plan for introducing a new plane to the market in the early 90s. A500 twin piston and A700 jet were the very first and extremely successful planes that had brought many changes to the aircraft industry.

One of the opportunities, which Rick has discovered was very few twin-engine aircrafts on the market at that time. The manufacturers were still using old designs and the price of the aircraft was way too high. For this reason, used aircrafts were much more popular than new ones, due to the lower cost.
Another important factor was rapidly developing computing power in the 1990s. New design and modeling software made it possible to work on the development of the aircraft saving time and money significantly.

Finally, all the manufacturers in the aircraft industry were mostly trying to improve the performance of their planes, while pilots were waiting for new and impressive products on the market. Innovations were very rare in this industry at that time and the twin-engine area was hardly developed.

Obviously, in the process of creating an innovative aircraft and running this complex business, Rick was constantly facing many challenges. Since the main Rick’s idea was to introduce something new to the market, his major difficulty was the technical part of the project. Customers needed speed, comfort, safety and lightness, and Rick was supposed to combine all these qualities in one plane.

Right after the establishment of Adam Aircraft home base at Centennial Field in December, Rick was faced with a new problem. He realized that for being successful in this market, Adam Aircraft has no other choice but to introduce something completely new due to little time and high costs. In order to raise the money needed for the project, the company had to cut its development costs by at least 75 percent.

Another serious problem for Rick’s company was Federal Aviation Authority (FAA). FAA was responsible for checking the products before letting them reach the market. A lot of money and time were involved in this process. Since Adam Aircraft did not have none of the above mentioned, the management team had to find the way to speed this process up.

Despite of all the difficulties Adam Aircraft had faced during the development of its planes, Rick and his team succeeded in introducing fast, comfortable and affordable plane to the market. Soon the story of Adam Aircraft’s success appeared in almost all the business publications and its planes on the covers of aviation magazines.

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